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Our Work


Our Mission

Wonderfully Made is a ministry run through Medway Vineyard Church that seeks to bless the community in practical ways that address need and burden.

We recognised early on that our heart was to bless children and it soon became apparent that school uniforms were a pressure point for parents and a potential stumbling block for children in terms of their emotional well being and educational experience.  We felt confirmation of this decision when a young woman at Medway Vineyard shared how she was bullied at school for having either no school uniform or a shoddy ill-fitting one.  Her experience of school as result was painful and she felt it contributed to her poor educational outcome and her ongoing confidence issues. This heart-breaking outcome could so easily have been avoided.

Our Mission

We believe this ministry is inspired by Jesus, wanting to reach out and lift potential pain and obstacles for children.  He called this ministry ‘Wonderfully Made’ based upon Psalm 139:14

For us the name of the ministry refers to both the good quality clothing and also reflects the preciousness of Medway’s young people, as each has been fearfully and wonderfully made by God. The aim is to bless these children, as well as alleviating the burden on parents that are struggling financially by providing a clean, respectable and well-fitting uniform.

Medway Vineyard


bringing hope, healing

And freedom to Medway: 

Through The love of Jesus,

by the power of the Holy Spirit

Medway Vineyard is a vibrant church in the Medway Towns. Everyone is welcome, no matter what your background or experience.

If you're exploring faith or looking for a church in Medway to call your home, we'd love you to connect with us through a Sunday Service or any of the other ways we meet together.


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