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Wonderfully Made

Medway's School Uniform Ministry

Every child deserves to go to school an equal

Wonderfully Made in Medway is a school uniform ministry which provides free school uniform to help children of local families experiencing financial hardship.  


School is often a tough place to be and when your uniform is dirty, ripped or absent other children can turn this into an opportunity to bully.  Our heart is to reverse this and our aim is to provide good quality school uniform to those in need, which can help children feel equal to their peers in terms of appearance, go to school with dignity and pride, promote a sense of pride in themselves and the school, reduce the risk of bullying and engender a feeling of community and belonging.

Make A Real Change In Someone’s Life

Wonderfully Made collect good quality pre-loved or new school uniform to redistribute to local families in need. We cater for all school ages from year R to year 13.

We believe children should go to school with a sense of dignity and pride


Our Vision

Every child goes to school feeling equal to their peers in terms of appearance.


Our Reach

We cover all of Medway and since 2019 have helped many families.


Our Campaign

We are an independent charity and need your support.

Support Us

Donate good quality second hand uniform to us

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Find out how your child can get school uniform

No uniform to donate?

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